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Share your best design idea. Whether it’s a table, chair, desk or some cool piece of furniture we’ve never heard of, we want to see it! Tell the community what makes your design special and why we should make it, sell it, and pay you!


Submitted designs need your support to get to Refinement! Score, comment on, and share your favorite designs to help the designs reach their feedback goal as you grow your Influence.

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The designs you selected now get to be rapidly refined and developed. Designers will work closely with our team members and manufacturers and get input from industry experts and the rest of the community to make the design production-ready.

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Not done yet! We’ll work with the best domestic manufacturer to make the design a reality. We even fund all of the prototyping and production costs along the way.

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Your design and feedback led to an amazing new product that anyone can now buy from our Shop page! The designer gets product royalties for their hard work as well as personal recognition to build their own brand!

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